The 6 pillars of how to successfully fund extended travel

Been dreaming of packing up and losing yourself overseas for while but not sure how to make it work? Learn how to fund your extended trip here

This post follows on from Need a gap year? It’s never too late, where we discussed why and how you should plan a gap year right away. Here we’re talking money and the smartest ways to fund extended travel. Continue reading “The 6 pillars of how to successfully fund extended travel”

7 income producing assets that you already own

It’s all well and good chasing down the next hot investment or passive income business, but this behaviour usually end in tears. The income producing assets you’re so desperate for could be right under your nose…

When we talk about income producing assets, it’s usually centered around common investments like shares or investment properties. In this post we uncover a few of the more uncanny income producing assets that you might already have access to.   Continue reading “7 income producing assets that you already own”

The tax myth explained: tax deductions that are letting you down

I’ll admit it, tax is a batsh!t boring topic, but this one myth is so common, and potentially damaging, that it needs to be dispelled

We all love our tax deductions, right! “I’m paying too much tax, how do I reduce it?”

I have these conversations with my clients all the time. Unfortunately there is a great myth when it comes to tax deductions that not everyone is aware of. Continue reading “The tax myth explained: tax deductions that are letting you down”

You have the power! 5 quick ways to earn more money

“You need to earn more money!” Easier said than done amiright!? Well, there are ways to do it, sometimes it just takes someone else to give you perspective. We’ve used all of these and hope you can benefit too!

Last week we covered how to save more of your hard earned. One way to do this is to earn more money. 

When you’re starting out on the road to financial freedom, your ability to earn more money can make a significant impact on your success. Check out our 5 tips to earn more money below. Continue reading “You have the power! 5 quick ways to earn more money”

How to save more: to spend or not to spend

Before waving goodbye to your cash, paycheck after paycheck, get a handle on it by making the right choices. Are you burning cash on items like these?

Over and over again you guys tell us that one of your biggest struggles is how to save more of your hard-earned money. So we thought we’d have a quick look at a few of the choices we all have around spending. This is not an exhaustive list but might poke you into thinking about some of the choices you’re making and whether this aligns with your objectives. Continue reading “How to save more: to spend or not to spend”

Women, take control: Educate yourself

There is no excuse for sitting back and letting life take its path. Even worse, letting someone else make all your decisions, especially when it comes to money. It’s time to take the ropes and educate yourself!

{Guest blog – Tash is back by popular demand!}

On the back of my original blog – the pitfalls of marrying a financial planner – I wanted to follow up on the need to educate yourself when it comes to all things money.

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no-one can take it away from you” – BB King

Continue reading “Women, take control: Educate yourself”

Money Day: Do this once a year, it should save you $500+ per month

How good does it feel when you tie up a whole lot of loose ends. Here I show you how taking a Money Day once a year will do just that for your finances. Book it in and make it happen!

It’s widely reported that money is one of the leading causes of stress for young people. To help with this I want you to consider the idea of taking a Money Day. 

I’m going to show you how spending just one day a year focused solely on your money basics will get you on track, could easily save you $500 per month and clear your head of all that worry. Continue reading “Money Day: Do this once a year, it should save you $500+ per month”

Need a gap year? It’s never too late

Gap years aren’t just for school leavers. Taking a career break may just be the best thing for your motivation and ensuring you live a truly sufficient life. What’s stopping you?

The concept of a gap year is to take a break from your career path and spend 12 months either travelling or living abroad doing something completely different from your normal life.

This is often done during the year between high school and starting university/college or starting a ‘real’ job. Isn’t it funny how we think we need the break at this point in life when so many of us are about to sign up for a few decades of this thing called work? Continue reading “Need a gap year? It’s never too late”

Start investing: your Financial Launchpad part 2

If you’ve built up some savings it might be time to start investing. Moving from savings to investing can be daunting so check out these strategies to maximise your opportunities and launch your financial future.

Of the 40+ blogs we published in 2017, Four Easy Savings Tips to Create Your Financial Launchpad (Financial Launchpad Part 1) was our one of our readers favourites! Since that post we’ve had lots of requests for more actionable tips like that. Especially for building on savings and how to start investing. So here goes nothing!  Continue reading “Start investing: your Financial Launchpad part 2”

Staying sane: Don’t let your side hustle blow you up

When it comes to side hustles, the most important thing is to just start. Here are some tips to make sure you smash it and it doesn’t smash you!

Recently we’ve written about the importance of having a side hustle, how to find a suitable hustle and reasons why you should start one. This week you’ll learn how to keep your side hustle in check. Continue reading “Staying sane: Don’t let your side hustle blow you up”