How to profit from your motivation and fast-track success

Ever have that high-on-life kinda feeling where you can achieve everything you’ve ever desired? Here’s how to bottle that gold and make it count.

Inspiration and motivation are really important but these alone won’t get you where you need to be. I want to show you, using some of the lessons I’ve learned, how to profit from your motivation at it’s highest level to generate positive results for your money and your life. Continue reading “How to profit from your motivation and fast-track success”

The missing ingredient: 3 easy ways to make patience your secret weapon

Ideas, brains and motivation alone won’t get you there. Overnight success is a myth. Here’s how to harness your patience and use it to your advantage.

Millennials get branded with a lot of different names and we all know Gen Y has become the generalised generation – we’re all the same right?! Impulsive, entitled, selfish, lazy and self righteous?

Most of this is grossly untrue and unfounded but in my experience there is one area most of us need some work: Our patience game. Continue reading “The missing ingredient: 3 easy ways to make patience your secret weapon”

Four easy steps to get money fit in just 20 minutes a week

The money treadmill is calling your name. Don’t sweat it though, with these easy steps you can get money fit in the time it takes to scroll your Insta feed

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with big plans especially when money is involved. The good news is you can fix this without any money knowledge and it takes next to no time. If you can block out 20 minutes of your weekly schedule you will be money fit and in control in no time! Continue reading “Four easy steps to get money fit in just 20 minutes a week”

Redefine your Sufficient – when enough is enough

Take your sufficient life to the next level! Once you’ve defined what is sufficient for you, don’t stop there! Remain focussed on what’s important in YOUR life and constantly evolve.

One of the key things about living a Sufficient Life is that you continually check yourself to make sure you’re on track. I’ve previously outlined how to define sufficient for you and evaluate where you sit on the insufficient to sufficient continuum, but how do you know when it’s time to redefine what’s sufficient in your life?

It’s all about finding that balance between money and life. I’m going to show you when to think about redefining your sufficient and set yourself up for your definition of success. Continue reading “Redefine your Sufficient – when enough is enough”

Financial Health Alert: Ignorance is Bliss Syndrome

If your attitude to finance involves the phrase “She’ll be right” this one’s for you. This latest instalment of the financial health series will help you identify if your head’s in the sand when it comes to money.

Next up in our financial health alert series – Ignorance is bliss a.k.a “she’ll be right” Syndrome.

“The only thing more expensive than education is ignorance” – Benjamin Franklin

This one is for those of you happy to let the bills pile up, credit cards run up and all the cash to run out before turning around and realising you should have been more in control.

Check out the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment below to see if you fit this bill: Continue reading “Financial Health Alert: Ignorance is Bliss Syndrome”

Women, take control: the pitfalls of marrying a financial planner

If you’re guilty of letting someone else manage the finances in your household, you’re not alone. Even if you’re married to a financial professional, sit up and pay attention now.

So he’s finally let me loose on the blog! Hi all, it’s Tash here, arguably the better half of the Millard family and proud supporter of Sufficient Fundz (read: I get to embrace the privilege of editing James’ work as a ‘hobby’ whilst I juggle my full time mum role on mat leave).

I’ve tried to get James to write about this topic which is near and dear to me. He’s totally on board, but last week he turned around and asked why don’t I write it? So here we are! I’m not claiming to be a better writer than James, but let’s face it, I write all of his good jokes anyway! I will promise less swearing.

I am, however, claiming to be much closer to this topic: the need for women to be 100%, hands down, no excuses, completely on top of their own financial situation. Full stop. Continue reading “Women, take control: the pitfalls of marrying a financial planner”

Financial Health Alert: Amateur Hour Syndrome

Next up in the series: Amateur Hour Syndrome. Start biting off some real personal finance goals and leave the bbq for chewing fat.

A common trap when dealing with your personal finances is not knowing enough about what you need, so falling victim to accepting advice from non-professionals.

We’ve all been there, the backyard bbq where someone offers advice based on something that worked for them. But that’s just it, it worked from them, and you are not them. Often the advice comes with no regard for when they did this and what market influence or factor out of their control made it successful. Continue reading “Financial Health Alert: Amateur Hour Syndrome”

Pop Quiz Hot Shot: 10 “Speedy” money questions to answer now

Are you on top of your money game? Answer these quick ones and you’ll get your seat on the bus

When the movie Speed came out in 1994, I was in year 6.  I was just old enough for Mum and Dad to let me watch the M15+ rated flick and it blew my mind. One of the most iconic scenes is when the bad guy tells Keanu there’s a bomb on the bus, he has limited time to figure out the facts, perform some sick stunts, fall in love with Sandra Bullock and save the day! “What do you do?, what do you do?!”

So, in dedication to this iconic 90’s blockbuster, here’s your very own “Pop quiz hot shot” – Continue reading “Pop Quiz Hot Shot: 10 “Speedy” money questions to answer now”

Avoid the hampster wheel: dip your toes at both ends

Don’t get stuck on the hamster wheel. Use these tips to try out both worlds before you strike your own balance, get your money right and live life on your terms.

One of the most common conversations I have with my clients revolves around how to avoid the hamster wheel of life. Often they know what they want and there is a money solution that we work together on to implement. Other times, it’s a deeper conversation and the money only plugs in once they are clear on what’s really important. Continue reading “Avoid the hampster wheel: dip your toes at both ends”

Financial Health Alert: Shiny Object Syndrome

We’re launching a new series to improve your financial health. Find the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of a range of potential issues. First up, one of my personal ongoing battles: Shiny Object Syndrome

Shiny Object Syndrome is definitely something I suffer from personally. Saying yes because it’s exciting, and having boundless positivity can cause limitations. Continue reading “Financial Health Alert: Shiny Object Syndrome”