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It all began while studying Commerce at Uni and selling t-shirts for our clothing brand “Insufficient Funds”. This subsidised a 2 month road trip around the States with 3 mates, and at 20 years old our plan was to be the next Hurley, sell to Nike or Billabong and never work a full-time job in our lives.

This didn’t happen and I rolled into a 10 year career in personal financial services. I’ve now co-founded my own business (it’s called YOLO).

I’ve worked one-on-one in Brisbane, Sydney and Perth with a huge cross-section of the community all with differing financial means. I’ve also spent many years managing large teams of millennials. Through my own lessons and guiding these guys, I’ve learned more than most about motivating young people and showing them actionable steps to achieve whatever you want in life.

What many people don’t realise is that every big life decision has a money aspect to it.

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Sufficient Fundz is a platform that will help you understand and benefit from this connection. Having confidence and control over our finances has allowed my wife, Tash, and I to do more than we’d ever dreamed of, and it provides a safety net when times are tough.

By establishing a “sufficient” mentality, you can build your perfect life faster, with direction and purpose.

To live a sufficient life, you need clarity and confidence, and your results depend on you taking action. After many years of working with people to implement this with their money, I’ve seen the magic that ensues once you get it right, and I want this for you.

– James



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