Need a gap year? It’s never too late

Gap years aren’t just for school leavers. Taking a career break may just be the best thing for your motivation and ensuring you live a truly sufficient life. What’s stopping you?

The concept of a gap year is to take a break from your career path and spend 12 months either travelling or living abroad doing something completely different from your normal life.

This is often done during the year between high school and starting university/college or starting a ‘real’ job. Isn’t it funny how we think we need the break at this point in life when so many of us are about to sign up for a few decades of this thing called work? Continue reading “Need a gap year? It’s never too late”

Savings to Investment: Maximise your Financial Launchpad

Moving from savings to investing is a huge leap and one that needs to be well guided. Check out these strategies to maximise your opportunities and launch your financial future.

Of the 40+ blogs we published last year, Four Easy Savings Tips to Create Your Financial Launchpad (Launchpad part 1) was our one of our readers favorites! Since that post we’ve had a heap of requests for more actionable tips like that one on both saving and investing. You asked, now you’re getting! Continue reading “Savings to Investment: Maximise your Financial Launchpad”

Staying sane: Don’t let your side hustle blow you up

When it comes to side hustles, the most important thing is to just start. Here are some tips to make sure you smash it and it doesn’t smash you!

Recently we’ve written about the importance of having a side hustle, how to find a suitable hustle and reasons why you should start one. This week you’ll learn how to keep your side hustle in check. Continue reading “Staying sane: Don’t let your side hustle blow you up”

Fire up! 3 quick ways to spark your fire for the new year

Don’t run on last year’s fuel. Here’s how to light a fire under your plans and get cracking!

This is not another article about dry, baseless, New Year’s resolution dribble. No. Here are three quick tools for making 2018  your best year yet. It’s time to spark your fire.

Be aware: this advice involves taking action.

It isn’t based on dreaming and it doesn’t include writing a big long list of things you might not achieve.  An excessively long list will only slow you down. I know for me, I need to keep it really simple. I focus on one or two things at a time, making sure that each one is really important and enables me to take action immediately.

With this in mind, here are my three quick tips to spark your fire in 2018:
Continue reading “Fire up! 3 quick ways to spark your fire for the new year”

9 tips for how to start a side hustle

You’ve made the call to start a side hustle. You know you want it. You’ve got the idea. You’re ready to go. What next? Here are our tips.

Welcome to part two of our series on side hustles! In part one we covered the benefits of starting a side hustle and how to find the right hustle for you. In this week’s blog we give you our key tips on how to start a side hustle and get it off the ground faster. Continue reading “9 tips for how to start a side hustle”

It’s a wrap! 2017 in review

As 2017 draws to a close, we look back on the year’s personal and Sufficient Fundz highlights

Well, that’s a wrap peeps. And what a year it’s been…

We’re so stoked that we were able to share 2017 with you as followers of the Sufficient Fundz blog and hopefully by now believers in the SF movement!

As I look back at this time last year I’m super proud of how far we have come, the goals we’ve kicked and most importantly having the opportunity to bring useful info to people like you. Continue reading “It’s a wrap! 2017 in review”

Find your side hustle and create extra income

Believe the memes peeps, good things do come to those who hustle. Here’s how you can find your ideal side hustle and why you should hustle til it hurts!

Side hustles are trending. The idea of having a side hustle has become more and more popular and is the subject of every 2nd or 3rd meme on Instagram. You can start a side hustle in almost anything and it’s the best way I know to earn some extra income and kick more goals sooner. Continue reading “Find your side hustle and create extra income”

7 easy tips to master your travel budget

Ever return with a travel budget blow out? You’re not alone. Here are some simple steps to stay under budget, without impacting your holiday style.

Think about your last holiday – do you know exactly how much you spent and whether you blew out your travel budget? Been there, done that, and definitely got too many t-shirts! 

Here are our tips for mastering your travel budget, ensuring you have all-time holidays and can still buy groceries when you get home.  Continue reading “7 easy tips to master your travel budget”

How to profit from your motivation and fast-track success

Ever have that high-on-life kinda feeling where you can achieve everything you’ve ever desired? Here’s how to bottle that gold and make it count.

Inspiration and motivation are really important but these alone won’t get you where you need to be. I want to show you, using some of the lessons I’ve learned, how to profit from your motivation at it’s highest level to generate positive results for your money and your life. Continue reading “How to profit from your motivation and fast-track success”

The missing ingredient: 3 easy ways to make patience your secret weapon

Ideas, brains and motivation alone won’t get you there. Overnight success is a myth. Here’s how to harness your patience and use it to your advantage.

Millennials get branded with a lot of different names and we all know Gen Y has become the generalised generation – we’re all the same right?! Impulsive, entitled, selfish, lazy and self righteous?

Most of this is grossly untrue and unfounded but in my experience there is one area most of us need some work: Our patience game. Continue reading “The missing ingredient: 3 easy ways to make patience your secret weapon”