Fire up! 3 quick ways to spark your fire for the new year

Don’t run on last year’s fuel. Here’s how to light a fire under your plans and get cracking!

Fire up spark your fire

This is not another article about dry, baseless, New Year’s resolution dribble. No. Here are three quick tools for making 2018  your best year yet. It’s time to spark your fire.

Be aware: this advice involves taking action.

It isn’t based on dreaming and it doesn’t include writing a big long list of things you might not achieve.  An excessively long list will only slow you down. I know for me, I need to keep it really simple. I focus on one or two things at a time, making sure that each one is really important and enables me to take action immediately.

With this in mind, here are my three quick tips to spark your fire in 2018:

1. Try something new

There is nothing more motivating than a fresh experience or something that throws you out of your comfort zone.

Learning a language, learning to cook, travelling to a strange place; these types of experiences will put another string in your bow but also give you the excitement of trying something new.

The beauty of doing this is it shakes up your reality and gives you more creativity and motivation for the day-to-day.

2. Make sure your targets invoke the right emotions

I recently interviewed my good friend Peita live on Facebook about hacking our goals. In particular we dove into how to get your language and mindset right for success.

Peita dropped some serious knowledge bombs in this one, including something we speak a lot about on SF –

Money is just a resource to live life’s adventure – Peita Diamantidis,

Here is the video: (skip the first minute of dribble while I worked out whether we were live or not. Lesson learned!)

Hack Your Goals – Mindset & Language

Catch us live on Facebook! As part of our January Bucket List challenge we are going live today at 12.00pm with Peita Diamantidis on “Hacking your goals – Language & Mindset”.

Be sure to join in with James and Peita as they have a chat about how our language and the way we position our goals in our day to day world can massively change their likelihood of succeeding!

Posted by YOLO Financial Services on Tuesday, January 9, 2018

One of the big things that came out of our conversation is the need to link your goals to your senses. Understanding that if you create a goal and can use it to invoke emotion, to feel and experience it, then you’ll really spark your fire and make it happen.

For example, if you have the goal to travel, don’t just write down “Travel to America.” Instead, write down how it’s going to feel when you get on the plane and when you arrive, what it’s going to smell like, what you’re going to see. How good is that crisp Sauv Blanc in Napa or that In-N-Out burger on HWY 101 going to taste? These types of descriptions are what will really turn you on. They’re the memories you’ll create and have with you long after you return.

Another example is buying a new car. While the purchase itself is a target, think about the car as not just something to get you from A to B. Why are you buying it? If your goal’s about buying a new car, make it instead about the road trip you’re going on. Where are you going to travel? What are you going to see? The key lesson in this is it’s not about handing over the money. It’s not about the purchase. Always remember, it’s about the experience.

3. You only live once. Hit your bucket list now

This month, our YOLO community is completing the Bucket List Challenge.  If you don’t have a bucket list, start one today. What are you waiting for?

If you have a bucket list, revisit it now and figure out what you’ll tick off in 2018. Bucket lists shouldn’t just sit there dormant until you have a life changing moment, they are meant for today.

Long-term goals often float away in the distance, simply because they’re too far away for you to envision them being achieved now. I’m not saying make your goals smaller, I’m saying pick two or three things that you’re going to achieve in 2018, and stop, write them down, and then get the momentum happening. You need to start now.

There’s often a goal that has been hanging around for a few years, un-ticked, on people’s bucket lists. Well, this is the year to tick off that lingering goal of yours. Whether it’s that music festival you always wanted to go to or the mountain you wanted to climb. Make this year the year you’re actually going to do it. 

Here’s a link to the YOLO Bucket List template. Download it free today, and see what our community is so excited about. You don’t have to join the challenge to understand the important message: It’s time to shorten your time frames, find something that will truly move you and go experience it. 

BONUS tip. Capture every inspiration

Sometimes a blank sheet of paper can be intimidating and make it hard to create a list of ideas and goals. I never want to miss an inspirational thought so I keep a note pad with me at all times. I especially keep it next to my bed at night, because this is often where the ideas happen. If you prefer the digital version, try Evernote.

 And remember, don’t just write a list. Write what it’ll feel like when you achieve something on your list, the experience you’re going to get out of it, and the benefits that will come.

Find the things that will spark your fire. That’s when the magic happens. 

So, these are my three quick tips on how to spark your new year flame and fire up in 2018. Reach out below if you need any help. Time to get cracking.

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