How to profit from your motivation and fast-track success

Ever have that high-on-life kinda feeling where you can achieve everything you’ve ever desired? Here’s how to bottle that gold and make it count.

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Inspiration and motivation are really important but these alone won’t get you where you need to be. I want to show you, using some of the lessons I’ve learned, how to profit from your motivation at it’s highest level to generate positive results for your money and your life.

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So, after finishing university, I opted for a full time job instead of going all-in on selling t-shirts to the world.

I had to build my network in the finance world and figure out where I wanted to be. I was in regional NSW (Newy is still one of my favourite places on earth) and knew I needed to meet people in the big smoke to get the right experience and exposure.

Utilising a few distant connections of friends and family, I booked a day of meetings in Sydney. I took the 3 hour train ride, had a jam-packed day of learning and excitement, and got the train home again.

The real point of this blog starts with the train ride home.

I’ve been blessed, although sometimes it’s a curse, with a very intune emotional side (feedback from others, not just a wild personal claim). I was feeling overwhelmed with excitement and inspiration for the next chapter and was struggling to contain the ridiculous levels of motivation running through my veins.

Do you get this sometimes? I certainly hope so. It’s kinda like the unicorn of emotions.

This isn’t just a feel good moment. I reckon I get this crazy rush of invincibility maybe once every 3-6 months.

So I did what any normal 23 year old would do, I wrote a long list of all the BIG goals I wanted to achieve, and some of the smaller things I had to do to get there. Reading the list now (yep still got it!), it’s still partly inspiring, but mostly just funny. One thing was clear though. There is a lot on that list that I’ve ticked off, but it would have happened a lot sooner if I’d known what I do now.  

In recent years, I’ve learned to harness this feeling and make it count. If you’re going to profit from your motivation, this is the hardest part. It’s like turning the lights on in a club and telling everyone to go home and sleep. You’re bringing a sense of coordination and organisation to a somewhat uncontrollable situation.

If you get this part right, you’ll move mountains.

There’s no point being inspired AF if you can’t bottle that goodness and make it count

Here’s what to do when you feel the rush coming on and ensure you profit from your motivation:

Write it down

Boring right? Sure. But this is always your first step. If it’s not recorded you won’t do it. The list I made has lasted 13 years and it’s still a point of inspiration and action at times. I’ve also written a few more since.

Embrace the challenge

While you feel this good, flip it and visualise the real pain you will go through to achieve BIG goals. Use the feel-good moment to embrace the challenge. It’s not all going to be easy, but you can use your steel-plated eagerness to prepare for the road ahead.

Take the finite resource of ridiculous motivation you currently have to channel towards the hurdles you need to jump to make it work.

Everyone visualizes hanging out at the finish line but most are never prepared to run the race – Gary Vaynerchuk

Take one step

If you’re anything like me you’re beaming on the inside with an indestructible euphoria. Slow it down, and just take one step. Just one. Move the needle.

Do it a few days in a row and start to form a habit of action. Create the momentum and run with it.  

Work hard 

We wrote about the forgotten art of patience last week, which plays a big part in your success. However, if you want to push the boundaries of what you thought was achievable, your ability to put in the hours will set you apart.

Forget the meme about working smarter not harder, you need to do both. As a young person you’ve already been badged with lacking any decent work ethic. Prove them wrong. Set lofty goals and work your ass off to get there.

Bottom line – don’t waste a sprinkle of that magic powder. Once you have it, hold onto it with both hands and make the most of where it could take you. 


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