It’s a wrap! 2017 in review

As 2017 draws to a close, we look back on the year’s personal and Sufficient Fundz highlights

Merry Christmas Happy Holidays

Well, that’s a wrap peeps. And what a year it’s been…

We’re so stoked that we were able to share 2017 with you as followers of the Sufficient Fundz blog and hopefully by now believers in the SF movement!

As I look back at this time last year I’m super proud of how far we have come, the goals we’ve kicked and most importantly having the opportunity to bring useful info to people like you.

On a personal note our biggest achievement this year (and in life!) was the birth of our gorgeous baby girl in March. Our lives have definitely changed, mainly for the better! It’s hard to remember life before March 2017 TBH.


Other goals we are proud to say we’ve achieved include:

  • We launched the SF blog in Feb;
  • We’ve come to you every single week since then with Sufficient Sundayz, new blogs and new content to inspire and get you taking action (hopefully);
  • We’ve covered a range of topics including: money goal setting, authenticity, mentoring, spending and saving, investments, motivation and more…
  • We kicked off the Financial Health Alerts series to help diagnose and treat the more prevalent money syndromes;
  • We launched our socials – with facebook, twitter and instagram now delivering the goods to you on days other than Sundayz;
  • I’m super proud that we’ve had our blogs shared on other platforms, including Rockstar Finance and we’ve written guest blogs for like-minded bloggers!

Our aim with the SF movement is to help young people move from a place of insufficient to Sufficient Fundz. Everyone’s path is different and so is their definition of what is “Sufficient”. We encourage this for that is what makes us all truly unique and at the end of the day fulfilled based on our own wants and needs.

The biggest achievement in the SF space for 2017 has been receiving amazing feedback from our readers. Thank you all so much, every comment has helped propel our journey.  We’ve been overwhelmed with the positive feedback we’ve received, which makes it all worthwhile.

To each and every one of you – we sincerely hope that we have helped, informed, entertained in 2017 and can continue this in 2018.

So what’s still to come? Don’t worry we don’t plan to stop the SF movement any time soon and have plenty of content to bring you! In early 2018, look out for follow-up blogs on our most popular topics and more tools and solutions to light the fire in your money world.

Also, make sure you like the YOLO Facebook page here to keep posted on the Bucket List challenge we’ll be running in January.

Wishing all our SF peeps a safe and happy Holiday season – put those feet up, you’ve earned it!

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2 thoughts on “It’s a wrap! 2017 in review”

  1. Congratulations on all you have achieved in 2017! Some fantastic milestones there and always a delight to follow along 🙂

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you have to share for 2018 and beyond

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